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Specifications: 2 Speed (33 / 45),Cueing, Anti-Skate
Electronically Controlled Direct Drive
using the DUAL EDS 900 System
Pitch Control, Illuminated Stobe light

Spec Sheet Data: Platter:
1.2kg Platter , Dynamically Balanced,
Detachable (300mm) Total Mass (Motor &
Platter): 1.8kg
Pitch Control: Variable Resistor
Wow & Flutter:
DIN: +/- 0.05%
Rumble: (S/N Ratio)
Weighted: > 46dB
Unweighted : > 67dB
Startup Time: 2-2.5 sec @ 33.33
4 Point Gimbal Tone Arm Mount
Tone Arm Vibration Damping (2
Cartridge: Detactchable, uses ALL
cartridges with 1/2" mounts.
Tracking Force: 0-3 gr
Cartridge Weight: 4.5-10g (incl.
Mounting Material)
Cartridge Overhang: 5mm

Years Manufacturer: 1977-78
Price (New): $320.00 (USD)

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