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Specifications: Fully Automatic Operation
Two Speeds (33.33/45) RPM
Electronic Direct Drive
Viscous Damped Cueing
Alloy ULM Tonearm

Spec Sheet Data: Platter: Non-Magnetic, Removable
304mm, 1.2 kg
Pitch Control: 11%
Wow & Flutter:
DIN: 0.045 WRMS: 0.025
Unweighted: 52
Weighted: 78
Acceptable Cartridge Weight:
4.5-10 grams including mounting
Tuning Anti Resonator Setting: +/- 14
Freq Response: 10-28,000 Hz

Years Manufactured: 1981-83'
Price (New): $260.00 (USD)

Also available as the 627Q with the TKS55E Cartridge
Years Manufactured: 1981-83'
Price (New): $370.00 (USD)

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