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Specifications: 2 Speed (33.33/45RPM)
Anti-Skating Control
Illuminated Strobe Light
Direct Drive
Fully Automatic Operation

Spec Sheet Data: Motor:
Electronically Controled direct-drive
via DUAL EDS-500 system.
Start Up Time: 2-2.5 sec @ 33.33 RPM
Platter: Non-Magnetic, 1.4Kg, 304mm
Pitch Control: Range 10%, separate controls
for both 33.33 and 45 RPM.
Wow & Flutter:
DIN: +/- 0.05%
WRMS: +/- 0.03%
Unweighted: 50dB
Weighted: 75dB
Torsionally rigid tubular tonearm mounted in a
4 point low friction gimbal mounting.
Tonearm Length: 221mm
Offset Angle: 24 degrees, 4 minutes
Tracking Force: 0-3 grams

Years Manufactured: 1979-80'
Price (New): $320.00 (USD)

Also available as the 622-55 with the TKS55E Cartridge
Years Manufactured: 1979-80'
Price (New): $429.00 (USD)

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