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Specifications: Belt Drive
2 Speed (33.33/45 RPM)
3 Point Spring Chassis Suspension
Automatic Operation
Anti-Skating Control
Stobe Light

Spec Sheet Data: Motor:
8 Pole Asynch, Flat Belt Drive
Startup Time (33.33): Not Available
Platter: Non-Magnetic, Detatchable,
1.3Kg, 305mm
Pitch Control: +/- 6% @ All Speeds
Wow & Flutter: Not Available
Unweighted: < 42dB
Weighted: < 63dB
Torsion Resistant aluminum tubular
design in 4 point gimbal suspension..
Accepts all DUAL "catch mount" cartridges
and other 1/2" mounts with a weight of
2-10 grams.
Tracking Force: 0-3 Grams

Years Manufactured: 1974-76'
Price (New): $270.00 (USD)

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