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Specifications: Manual Single Play Operation
Two Speeds (33.33 & 45 RPM)
Belt Drive
Cue Control
Strobe Light
Anti-Skating Control

Spec Sheet Data: Motor: DUAL 16 pole synchronous
motor utilizing a flat belt flywheel drive
Start-Up Time: 2 seconds at 33.33
Pitch Control: 6% at both speeds
Platter: Non-Magnetic, Detatchable,
1.1 kg, 304mm
Wow & Flutter:
DIN: 0.07%
WRMS: 0.04%
Unweighted: 48dB
Weighted: 70dB
Distortion free "ULM" (Ultra Low Mass)
tonearm in 4 point gimbal bearing.
221 mm
Cartridge: Uses a single screw
mount cartridge system. If you want
to use a 1/2" mount cartridge you will
need an accessory adapter.
Cartridge Weight: Will accept a
cartridge with an weight of up to 6.5
grams (including mounting hardware).
Beyond this, a new counter balance
weight must be installed.
Tracking Force: 0-3 grams

Years Manufactured: 1979-80'
Price (New): $189.00 (USD)

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