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Specifications: Current: 56/60Hz changable by changing motor pulley.
Line Voltage: 115V or 230V
Motor: 16 Pole Synchronous, flat belt drive
Speeds: 33.33 & 45 RPM, Semi-Automatic Operation
Power Consumption: 8W
@ 230V approx 75mA
@ 117V approc 140mA
Start Up Time: approx 2.5 sec at 33.33 RPM
Platter: Non Magnetic, detatchable, 1kg. 304mm
Pitch Control: 6% @ 33.33 RPM, (1 Semitone)
Stobe: Illuminated, markings for 50 and 60 Hz, both speeds
Sensitivity of Illuminated Strobe for 0.1% speed
deviation: 6 division marks per min @ 50 Hz
7.2 division marks per min @ 60 Hz
Wow & Flutter:
DIN: +/- 0.07%
WRMS: +/- 0.04%
Unweighted: 48dB
Weighted: 70dB
Tonearm: Distortion free ULM design. Tubular Aluminum
mounted in a 4 point gimbal bearing.
Tonearm Length: 221mm
Offset Angle: 24.4'
Cartridge Overhang: 5mm
Tangential Tracking Error: 0.16/cm
Tonearm Bearing Friction: 0.007 g (referred to stylus tip)
Tracking Force: 0-3 grams

Years Manufactured: 1979-80'
Price (New): $280.00(USD)

Also available as the 1264-55 with the
DUAL TKS-55 ULS Cartridge
Years Manufactured: 1979-80'
Price (New): $390.00(USD)

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