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Specifications: Fully Automatic Operation
Changer Capabilities
(up to 6 records)
Vario-Pulley Belt Drive
Strobe Light
Anti-Skating Control
Two Speeds (33.33 & 45 RPM)

Spec Sheet Data: Motor: 16 Pole Synchronous
Platter: Aluminum, 270mm, 1kg,
Pitch Control: +/- 6%
DIN: +/- 0.09%
WRMS: +/- 0.06%
Unweighted: 44dB
Weighted: 66db
Tonearm: ULM, mounted in a 4 point
gimbal bearing, 160pF capacitance.
DUAL TKS 236 Magnetic Cartridge,

Years Manufactured: 1985-89'
Price (New): $160.00(USD)

Also available as the 1254-45: Same as the 1254, but came with a
DUAL TKS45E Cartridge. ame as

Years Manufactured: 1984'-85
Price (New): $270.00

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