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Specifications: 3 Speed (33.33/45/78), Idler Wheel
Drive, Fully Automatic/Manual Play
Special "Neon Glow" Stobelight
Cue Control

Spec Sheet Data: Motor: Dual synchronous/continuous-pole
motor, with radial elastic suspension
Non-Magnetic, Dunamically Balanced
Weight 3.1Kg, 305mm
Pitch Control: 6%
Wow & Flutter: +/- 0.06%
Unweighted: 42dB
Weighted: 63dB
Tonearm: Tubular, mounted on 4 point
gimbal type bearings.
Cartridge: Accepts all 1/2" mount with
a weight of 2-10 grams (incl. mounting)
Tracking Force: 0-5 Grams
Brochures and Test Reports
NOTE: The difference between the
standard 1229 and the 1229Q is the
Kardan headshell design, and acceptable
cartridge weights. The 1229Q is also wired for
Quadrophonic Sound.

Years Manufactured: 1972-74
Price (New): $260.00 (USD)

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